About MGM Studios

Dedication. Integrity. Quality. Consultation.

Who we are?

MGM Studios Limited is a full service production company, offering start to finish, High Definition video and film production domiciled in Kenya. MGM Studios Ltd is one of the longest running, renowned and respected production house of quality products with offices in Nairobi Kenya.

We believe in our creative insight and ability to deliver in partnership with our clients, creating ideas and content that speaks and connects with their target audience. We firmly believe in contributing meaningfully to our clients through business partnership and delivery of real economic and brand value.

Our team comprises of both well trained in-house and freelance crew recognized both locally and internationally that exceptionally meets our clients’ demands and needs within the stipulated time frame.

MGM Studios is a one stop shop production house equipped with the latest production technology and know-how, to effectively deliver Feature Films, Television commercials, Documentaries, TV Shows, Sound Engineering, Radio Ads and Music Videos at competitive costs, from concept development, production, post-production to final distribution of content to the intended clients. We are committed to providing excellence in client service by needs. MGM services has the ability to draw from an experienced base of personnel whilst maintaining a personalized form of business liaison.

The ultimate in consultation, skills diversity and adaptability to meet client expectations are the very strengths of our company. We have a sea of experience in this sector having served numerous prime clients in the past.

We also facilitate complete production services for international film crew which include: Film Licenses, special permits, Location scouting, Casting, production design, props sourcing, set building, accommodation, transport and catering.

MGM Studios brings years of knowledge and passion to their productions. MGM Studios has been widely acclaimed for its production caliber and unique treatment of subject matter and in the process has been recognized locally and internationally.

MGM Studios is privileged to have won MSK awards on projects such as; National Youth Service (NYS) rebrand and Kenya Power “Mulika Mwizi” TV Commercials. The company has also worked on campaigns for the Ministry of Devolution and Planning, Ministry of Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) and Independent Electoral Boundaries Commission (IEBC) among others.

MGM Studios expanded its scope of activities to include lighting and grips equipment, generators and studio hire, editing, still photography services and other projects driven by in house developed concepts. These projects generate multiple and longer term streams of revenues.

We remain committed to using the best tools and expertise to capture the highest quality images and continue to make film experiences that go beyond technology of our time.

We are registered with the Registrar of Companies in Kenya and we are a compliant company with the company regulations. We are as well registered with the Kenya Revenue Authority and we have been faithful corporate citizens in meeting our tax obligations as demonstrated in the tax compliance certificate attached.

With esteemed credentials that certify our competence and professionalism, we offer unmatched services. This has seen us command a great market scope against our competitors. Our enviable reputation is founded on a wealth of experience. Over the years we have been awarded high value contracts by a variety of clients across the country and beyond.

Our Skilled Crew AND Staff

Our staffs are the key to our success. We are proud to attract and retain highly skilled and specialized talent from Kenya and across the globe. Through the collective effort and experience of our staff, we deliver high quality products on time and within budget. We have staff drawn from diverse faculties ranging from skilled and experience Video Production expertise, Graphics Designers, Animation Technocrats, Marketing gurus, Consultants, Customer Service experts, Business Management, Procurement and Supply Chain Management, Market Researchers to Project Managers. This has enabled us to maintain and enhance strong, long-lasting relationships with many of our clients.

Our Management Board

We have a strong management team with vast experience in Video, Film production and advertising sector. We have a pool of oversees technical directors from U.S.A, Britain, India, Turkey, Slovakia, Israel, Dubai and South Africa. With this diverse expertise and experience we deliver unmatched services to our clientele. Our managers have a proven track record and experience in this sector across the globe. We operate an open-door policy to engage and consult with our clients and customers in every contract we are engaged in. Through sound management of our company has surpassed customer satisfaction in our service delivery.

What makes us different? Our work, our passion and our people.

13 Years

Open since 2007, we're full service production company offering start to finish, High Definition video and film production.